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Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker is a platforming adventure game developed by Aquiris and is available exclusively on the Apple Arcade. Using your wits to solve puzzles, your dexterity and fast reflexes to get you from point A to B safely, and your good attention to detail, your main task is to find the “Heart of adventure”.

wonderbox: the adventure maker heart of adventure

In Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker, players can go on adventures made by developers as well as those made by other players. Each adventure is very different from the other. Some can be finished within 5 minutes and some could take more than an hour. There is also multiplayer mode where you can go do an adventure with your friends/family.

wonderbox: the adventure maker adventure library

In Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker, adventures take place in “boxes” that are can be viewed from all angles. You can also zoom in and out of the current box, as well as tilt their view to focus on other locations. Players may encounter enemies which can be defeated using weapons which can be found along the way while exploring or by luring them into traps. Finishing adventures earns players experience to level their adventurer up. You unlock something new for each level up, from map themes to costumes.

wonderbox: the adventure maker combat
Defeat enemies that gets in your way
wonderbox: the adventure maker platformer
Avoid traps while while trying not to fall
wonderbox: the adventure maker character customization
You can be whoever/whatever you want to be

Players can make adventure of their own in Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker. Using a single box adventure or using a series of boxes, the possibilities are endless.

wonderbox:the adventure maker adventure creator

I’m a big fan of platform games be it 2D sidescrollers or 3D and I’m very happy a game like this is added in Apple Arcade’s lineup. Check out some of our gameplay from Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker below:

Also, checkout some of, in my opinion, the best community made adventures in the game to date:

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‎Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker
‎Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker
Price: Exclusive to Arcade

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