Ironhide Game Studio gives us a fresh take on the Kingdom Rush game we love with the new Legends of the Kingdom Rush. The Kingdom Rush games are well-known for their high-quality tower defense action. It’s a franchise that’s evolved and altered throughout time, but Ironhide Game Studio’s latest edition is by far the most drastic departure yet, giving a novel experience that should appeal to both old and new Kingdom Rush fans.

Legends of Kingdom Rush is an Apple Arcade exclusive that focuses on tactical RPG action rather than the tower defense pattern established by its predecessors. The world and characters maybe similar to the previous Kingdom Rush version but the game’s gameplay is completely unique. 

In the game, you are tasked to save Linirea  from “The Overseer” and his evil forces trying to take over kingdom. You will be able to do this by building your team with certain travellers you meet along the way on your adventures.

Legends of Kingdom Rush review
You can recruit adventurers you meet along the way

Legends of Kingdom Rush is a RPG quest that is chock-full of surprises and many of which come in the form of the game’s series of events. You’ll have to make difficult decisions all the time while exploring the overworld. If you fail or just wanted to redo the same mission, your game will have a different encounter even if you decide to go on the same path as you did before. Whatever you decide, the outcome will have an impact on your journey, making no two games the same.

Legends of Kingdom Rush review
Non combat encounters appear throughout your adventure

The game’s world has a similar level of variety, spanning thick jungles, dangerous mountains, and monster-infested wastelands – all rendered in a delightful cartoon art style. Wherever you go, you’ll find new enemies to defeat and quests to complete.

Legends of Kingdom Rush review

In Legends of Kingdom Rush, battles are fought on a grid, and each unit can only interact with a few cells in any direction. Some units specialize in long-distance (ranged) attacks, while others attack enemies up close. To defeat the enemy units and keep everyone alive, players will need to use strategic thinking to decide what each unit should do on to outwit your opponent each turn. 

Characters move on a hex-based grid

You will be able to upgrade your recruited adventurers to make them stronger as they progress, as well as unlock more of their individual skills. Some heroes are unlocked when certain milestones in the game are met.

Legends of Kingdom Rush Review
Unlock more heroes as you progress along the story

Checkout Legends of Kingdom Rush gameplay from our video below.

If you are a long time fan of the Kingdom Rush series or loves RPG adventures, be sure to try this game out.


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