Baldo meets Ala in the Enchanted Forest

After saving Luna, meeting the Guardian Owls, and fighting the evil Narocco, Baldo is on another epic adventure. This time he is on a mission to find The Three Fairies and drive away the dark forces that suddenly appeared near his aunt’s town.

Baldo meets his aunt by the Sacred Tree

Get ready to fight bobos, giant arachnids, salamanders, and more as you search for the hidden temples where the fairies are held captive. There are also familiar faces you will get to meet along the way.

Baldo running away from two black bobos
Baldo meets Moiro

Baldo: The Three Fairies is not a paid DLC and is part of the latest patch for the game Baldo: The Guardian Owls. The update is already available on Apple Arcade and will soon be available for PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, and Nintendo Switch. 

Upon starting a new game, you will be asked if you want to go with The Guardian Owls story or The Three Fairies story.

New story The Three Fairies

Check out the video below for the gameplay of Baldo: The Three Fairies

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